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Immuno-worx are independent consultants for Immunotec Inc., who have been doing research for over 45 years and has 78 patents worldwide. Immunotec's patented cornerstone product is called Immunocal. Immunocal is a specially formulated protein derived from whey.

How does Immunocal work?

The immune system is incredibly complex, but a major cornerstone relies on its ability to obtain a molecule called glutathione. Glutathione exists in every cell of your body and is essential for life and critical for health. This molecule is constantly being used up in dozens of your body’s functions and is difficult to replace. Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant. It is a chief enzyme for detoxification, and it is literally food for the immune system. Immunocal is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Independent Consultant
Immuno-worx provides these products to people at their home:


  • Immunocal

  • Immunocal Platinum

  • Immunocal Sport

  • Immunocal Booster

  • Cogniva

  • And many other products.....

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Better Health Starts with You!

A great place to do any research for any type of illness is PubMed. Click on the link below, then in the search bar, type in any kind of health problem, (such as.... Heart problems, Lyme disease or Autism) and Glutathione. Then see the hundreds, if not thousands of test results that have been documented in this government medical journal.  

Another wealth of information is Dr. Jimmy Gutman's (The worlds leading author on Glutathione) book 'The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione'. It was first published in 1998 and is now in it's 5th Edition, in order to keep up with new and ongoing research with Glutathione and the health benefits that it provides.

Build your immune system with these great products
a box of immunical
a box of immunocal platinum
a box of immunocal sport
a box of immunocal booster
Immunocal by the Numbers

NEW - Xtra - Sharp

Is an exclusive blend of all-natural herbs and minerals to support and improve general well- being, energy and vitality. These include guarana, chamomile, echinacea, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng. Not to mention potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Xtra Sharp also contains tannins, saponins and other proteins that alter the absorption of caffeine. Thus, the caffeine from guarana is released much slower than caffeine found in most coffee and energy drinks. The peak effect is less harsh and lasts significantly longer. This formula will give you a jolt of herbal energy first thing in the morning, or when you need a late afternoon boost. Contains no sugar or paraben. Highly concentrated and fast-acting to help revitalize your body and mind!


For information on Survival please click on the link to our other website: 

Breaking News

In line with the World Health Organization, WHO, calls for the need to recognize menstrual health as a health issue and not a hygiene issue, Immunotherapy Nigeria Ltd, has introduced a biomolecules product, 'Immunocal' to improve women’s health globally, Nigeria in particular.

In a press statement signed by the Founder of Immunotherapy Nigeria, Dr. Lawrence Olagunju explained that 'Immunocal', a novel class of immunotherapy was designed to supply the molecules needed by the body to repair itself to control a broad range of damaged cells, resulting in hormone balancing for men and women.

Olagunju said it also helps to improve menstrual health for women, controlling autoimmune conditions, and addressing resistant infectious diseases effectively, among many other benefits.  

Stating that women no longer need to suffer in silence, he said 'Immunocal' has the ability to influence simultaneously, the three most important biosynthesis of health.

He said it is formulated undenatured whey protein isolate with over 28 micro and macromolecules. 'Immunocal' delivers these molecules into assists cells for maintaining optimal concentrations of the three most important biosynthesis in the body- neurotransmitters, catecholamines, and intracellular glutathione synthesis.

Olagunju who is also the CEO of Immunotherapy Nigeria Ltd explains that with over 40 years of research, Canadian scientists identified, isolated, and packaged the product as powerful healing properties found only in Mothers Milk.

“This is a unique formulation of 28 bioactive biomolecules that is proven with the ability to repair damaged womb and ovaries cells, restore normal, pain-free period flow, and achieve good ovulation, with a potential of obtaining pregnancy faster in women who are pregnancy challenged."

Already obtained marketing authorization from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, in 2006, Olagunju said the product holds several patents in the USA and worldwide and has been listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the category of generally recognized as safe.

Olagunju explained that 'Immunocal' has the ability to provide the complete nine essential and the 11 non-essential amino acids.

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