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Immuno-Worx - the leading provider of health products...... for your health!

About Immuno-Worx


     Immuno-Worx is a team of consultants representing Immunotec Inc. and their products. Immunotec is dedicated to the philosophy of living better and believes you achieve this by providing your body optimal nutrition, allowing it to maintain wellness naturally. Under Mauricio’s leadership, the company developed the proprietary Immunotec 'Immune Strengthening Protocol' ™(ISP). The philosophy behind the ISP is simple, yet profound: Instead of concentrating on treating diseases and illnesses after the fact, Immunotec believes it’s better to nourish your body with specific nutrients that allow your own body to maintain a healthy immune response.

This ISP is the “north star” guiding principle for all Immunotec product development. The entire Immunotec product line is designed to help your own body strengthen its own natural immune response.

Immunotec is continually innovating in wellness research, product development, and growing the network of independent consultants. The company is now operating in fourteen countries with new markets opening annually. Today, Immunotec products are widely considered as the preeminent nutritional sustenance for maintaining a strong immune system.

Low Glutathione

For more info on Immunocal and Glutathione, go to (the library of medicine). In the space bar, type in Immunotec and Glutathione and see the results. For more info, type in any sickness and Glutathione and see how good Glutathione is for your body.

For info on Survival, please click on the link below to go to our other website:

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